Everything You Should Know About Me

Who am i?

Anshuman Patro

Hello! I’m Anshuman Patro, an independent Productivity and Leadership consultant from Mumbai, India, with an experience of more than a decade.

Officially, my job is to help organizations boost the productivity quotient of their team with my tried and tested #RHHHK methedology. .
Which is a fancy way of saying that I am on a mission to help organizations, technologists, managers and young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, by unleashing their true potential.

Which really means, I am here to help you become more productive.

The Productivity Coach

I have crafted of a productivity methodology, called “RHHHK”. RHHHK can be applied across various areas like Sales, Marketing, Tech, Self Help, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. I have also written a book on it titled as “How To Win Every Battle In Life: The RHHHK Methodology” so that others can also be benefited by it.

Few of the milestones that I have managed to achieve so far using RHHHK are:

  • Increased client acquisition by 300% for TradesmartOnline.
  • Launched India’s first cloud-based trading application based on PWA for TradesmartOnline.
  • Provided absolute 0 attrition in the Tech Team of TradesmartOnline in the very first year.

I love writing

I have got five books so far penned by me.

My first book Code Like A Pro was ranked as #1 for 3 consequent weeks on Amazon. On the other hand, Youngspirations - The Entrepreneur Souls secured more than 150 readers in it’s opening week and "How To Win Every Battle In Life: The RHHHK Methodology" received over 25 positive reviews in the opening week.His last book How to achieve your life goals: Conquering the darkness within has been read by more than a thousand readers on KindleUnlimited.

My latest book is "How to deliver quality projects on time and budget". If you practice this methodology, you can get benefited by it from day one itself.

The Technologist

With an experience of over thirteen years, I am well versed with a wide range of technology stacks and keep myself updated with the latest technology trends.

However, being a strong believer of “All work and no play makes Jack a lazy boy”, I also makes sure to keep myself involved in other fun activities as well.

The Wanderlust

I am a true-blue bike-o-holic and love to explore unknown destinations on my motorcycle whenever I get time.

Going on bike rides to unknown destinations gives me an adrenile rush. Exploring new places and meting with new people keeps me recharged. I strongly believe that when you explore new places and meet with new people, you get to learn a lot about them and you get an oppurtunity to understand yourself in a better way.

The Martial Artist

Anshuman Patro

A die-hard fan of Bruce Lee, I hold a Shodan - The first degree black belt in shotokan karate. According to me martial arts is not just for self defence. Rather, it is driven by a deep philosophy of achieving your goals. For me, martial arts are an intrinsic part of personal development and self realization.

And yes, I love Dancing...

I have an inclination towards dancing from a very early age. As time has gone by, I always pursued my passion and learned many dance forms starting from Indian Classical to The Streets. However, I got what I was looking for when I entered the world of Salsa and Ballroom.

Being a trained Salsero, I can claims that Salsa, or any partner dancing for that matters, brings the Man out of a boy and a Woman out of a girl. Moreover,it teaches the fundamental priciple of leadership, which can be used in all the aspects of life. Like martial arts, I suggest everyone should learn how to dance with a stranger at a social gathering. The more you dance with strangers, the more you will explore your leadership skills.

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