15 book writing tips you should never ignore

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If you go to google and search for book writing tips, you will get tons of results from a different people. But what if i tell you most of the people who write these posts or share these tips are not qualified enough because they haven’t published a single book in life.

Hi, I’m Anshuman Patro, i have published 11 books so far and i’ve trained more than 300 people and 175 of them published their book in just 5 days through my program which i call 5 Days Author Challenge,this program is the first program in India to accept multiple records in India book of records as well as Asia book of records and I’m going to share 15 book writing tips you shouldn’t ignore.


1. Mindset:- Before you learn any new skill set you need to develop your mind set at first. Without the right mindset whatever you learn or from whomever you learn it is of no use. So develop the right mindset. Develop mindset to complete things on time , develop mindset not to procrastinate or assume things.

2. Commitment:- Writing a book is not going to be an easy task. Some people take years for this but still can’t publish a single book. It is not going to be easy for you all to publish your book within 5 days even during my challenge, but trust me you can do it if you make commitment. If you put hard work you will definitely achieve your goal because only one person can stop you from publishing your book and that is YOU.

3. Avoid Procrastination:- Procrastination is the main reason why most of the people fail. They don’t want to do things right now, they want to do it tomorrow and let me tell you my friend tomorrow never comes. So either you do it now, or just forget it.

4. Right expectation:- As I’ve been always saying it’s not going to be an easy task but keeping a right expectation will surely take you one step closer to achieve your goal. For example, you have never written a single blog in your life but you are expecting to right a 500 pages book in 5 days challenge, I’m not saying it’s wrong but it’s unrealistic. Your first book should be short enough for people to complete it  and long enough so that you can add as much value as you can . So, keeping a right expectation is very important.

5. Be specific:- FIRSTLY,  When I say specific I mean focus on one target audience whom you want to serve. If you think you will serve everyone that is going to be really difficult to reach out and you won’t connect with them . You should have a specific audience for whom you are going to write the book. SECONDLY, be specific about your topic. For example, if your main aim is Fitness then be specific what you want to teach exactly. That can be how to lose your weight, how to build six pack or how to workout at home. The more specific you are the more easy it is going to be easy to write and complete your book.

6. Time bound:- There must be a time bound to complete your book. You must set a deadline. It can’t be like that you are writing a book and you are like I’ll finish it whenever I want to. I’ve come across a lot of people and they are always unsure that they won’t be able to complete the book within 5 days. Some say that they want a week or a month or an year, but that’s not going to help. You must set a specific deadline and must follow that if you want to complete and publish your book.

7. Clarity:- You should have clarity on what you want to do. Before you write, you should plan the entire roadmap. Write everything down like your task for day one, day two, day three and so on. Everything regarding your book should be written down that can be your planning, what is going to be your research  and so on. This clarity will make your process of writing very smooth.

8. Don’t Complain:-All of the people those who have published their book in 5 days, you can ask them none of them has slept on Wednesday’s and most of them haven’t slept on Tuesday’s but they never complained about it, that is because they had the urge to achieve their goal. As I’ve been always saying, It’s not  going to be easy It’s going to be very challenging but if you are ready to put in all your efforts without any complain and decide to leave your comfort zone then my friend nobody can stop you.

9. Avoid Perfection:- Like procrastination there is one more thing which is solid productivity killer and that is Perfection. A lot people they hesitate to publish their book on day 5 because they think they are not perfect. Perfection is a myth. Don’t try to be perfect otherwise you’ll just keep on trying to be perfect and you won’t achieve anything. So it’s better to do something and improvise on it.

10. Use Tools:- We are not living in a stone age, we are privileged enough that we are surrounded with modern technologies which is our superpower. But again there are right as well as wrong ones. Using the right ones can do wonders for us. So, it’s very important to choose the right tool and technology from the very beginning. You must plan these in your planning period.

11. Know your TG:- Here TG means target audience that means you need to know your readers, who is going to read your book and who are your exact audience. If you are choosing a topic make sure to be specific. I’ve already mentioned about it in point number 5. So, for example you are writing about fitness and  you know fitness is very important for kids, adults, male, female so you must know who all are your audience and based on that you are going to work on your book and if you want to serve everyone you won’t be able to serve anyone. This rule will be easier for you to gather informations as well.

12. Write for your TG:- Language plays a vital role. When you are writing for your readers make sure that your writing  should reach people and your readers are comfortable when they reading your book. Language should be simple and easy. You wouldn’t want that when the readers are reading your book they are continuously following the dictionary and get out of the flow. Let me give an example, tell me which one is easier for you ‘Send me a self portrait of yours’ or ‘Send me your selfie’? Most of the people will choose the second option because that is the language they talk. So, language should be simple and comfortable enough so that a 5th grade kid can also read and it should be valuable enough so that a 50 year old person can also read.

13. Keep it thought provoking:- You have to hook the readers all the time because the moment he or she loses the interest they will stop reading the book and then it is very difficult to grab their attention back and very rarely they come back. So, you have to make sure they are always on their toes while reading your book. Let me give you all two examples, first one is ‘Book publishing workshop’ and second one is ‘5 day author challenge publish your book within 5 days without writing a single word’ , most people will choose the second one because it is much more thought provoking than the first one. So, you need to keep it thought provoking so that readers are attracted to read your book.

14. Use keywords:- A lot authors forget it or they miss this part. Specially in your book title,subtitle and description please add keywords because you are not writing the book for yourself, you are writing for people and how will people reach to your book, it is not humanly possible to share the book link with everyone in world isn’t it? So what you want is that people to come to your book organically and for that you need to use the right keywords.

15. Prepare an outline:- This is a hidden gem or you can say a secret. A lot of people fail even after they take care of all the things and they fail because they don’t have a outline. So, make sure to prepare an outline before creating the content rather than thinking and writing. This process will make your journey very smooth.



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