3 Steps to make your book a bestseller

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I know it’s your dream, It’s almost every author’s dream to become a bestselling author and to have their name on a list indicating that people wanted to buy your book more than all the other books. There are 3 steps you need to follow during the publishing process which will help you to make your book a bestseller.

1. Add value:- Adding value to your book increases worth. You should add as much value as you can in your book so that it can reach out to various people. Your book should be something by which people will get inspire. The content of your book should be thought provoking. This process will grow interest among people and they will be interested to buy your book.

2.Get at least 30 (free)purchases and 5 reviews:- When you are publishing your book make sure to keep it free for at least a day or two. In this way people will easily purchase it and put their focus on reading the book. You must ask people to give their honest reviews about the book. Feedback is very important, you will get positive as well as negative feedback, and let me tell you negative feedbacks are most important as it gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves. So, free purchases and reviews are very important to reach out to people.

3.Go to and request for these 8 categories:- Adding more categories will open doors of vast availability. Don’t restrict yourself by adding only 3 or 4 categories. Request for 8 categories instead which will help you to reach maximum number of people around the world. You can click on the above link to get the access.



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