5 mistakes you should avoid on Facebook as a brand

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The opportunities are endless in terms of improving brand visibility. But the secret lies in doing it right. Most digital marketers simply post as many updates as possible in an attempt to get as many ‘Shares’ and ‘Likes’ they can. But let me tell you one thing, those days are gone  when the number of followers directly influences an increase in profit for your business. No doubt facebook is an excellent platform for many marketers to promote their business but you should know the right way to use that platform to our benefit. Facebook can take your business to the next level but it can also be the reason for your downfall.

Let us see 5 mistakes that we should avoid on Facebook as a brand:-

1. Excessive promotion:- We might take pride in our company’s achievement or our own but the audience on Facebook is looking for much more. They use Facebook to connect to brands that offer value to them. It’s ok to share your achievement with genuine and loyal followers but we should never over do that. If you are not offering value to your visitors or not providing them with sufficient information that they are actually looking for, trust me it won’t work and you’re missing out a lot. People spend time on facebook to get entertained, inspired and interact with like-minded people.  So in order to promote your brand, you should find innovative ways that inspire visitors and give them a reason to connect. Too much promotion leads to too much dislikes.

2. Focusing only on ‘Likes’:- Winning likes for your post is very important. More like means that your message is reaching more people. But your primary focus should be winning brand advocates and not just likes. Like your post, these are people who share it with their networks and promote your brand for free. You should create an editorial calendar to post content strategically. So. don’t just focus on likes.

3. Incomplete information on your brand page:- It will be a sad feeling for the visitors when they are visiting your page but it’s absolutely incomplete. It looks like you are ill-treating your visitors. The Brand Page is the first point of contact with your audience. so it’s important to make a solid first impression. We must not forget first impression is the last impression. You must provide as much information as possible. Mention the hours of work, address, contact details, URL, and whatever you find important for your visitors to know.

4. Writing too many words:- Write short posts, writing shorter and precised posts can get you more likes.You also need to determine the frequency with which you should post your content. Posting too frequently or not often enough can both be harmful to you. Know your target audience and depending on your target audience identify how often they want to hear from you. If you are unable to post for some time , let your audience know that you will unavailable for a certain period of time. When you are back, let them know that you are ready to go and trust me your efforts will be really appreciated by them.

5. Out of context post:- If you fail to align your posts with your brand, it might confuse your audience. Everything that includes text to images and videos, everything should be a reflection of your brand. You should have variety but make sure you don’t go out of context.

Facebook is a critical element of social media. If you can use it wisely, you will be benefitted in a huge amount but you also need to be careful and try not to make the above mentioned mistakes.  You must measure what works for your audience and what they dislike. Take out a few minutes from your daily schedule and plan your strategies. I’m sure avoiding these mistakes will help you to build your brand position in the best possible and fine way.

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