5 reasons why people can’t publish their book

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Writing a book will inspire you. It will be a great experience in an emotional and personal level and not only that you will have a chance to express your imagination and creativeness. There are a lot people who aspire to write and publish their book but they can’t and hence they always take a step back. Let us see below some reasons why people can’t publish their book:-


1. They think it’s impossible:- Writing a book is definitely not an easy task but it is not impossible. It’s up to us, whether we want someone else to prove its possible, or do we want to be the one to make it possible. By following all the rules and tips  of  a writing book makes it possible. We should be well organised and know how to use right tools and techniques and with the help of these process our writing journey will not only be possible but also very smooth.

2. They think they lack the skills:- We human beings are blessed with modern technologies. Using modern technology makes our life 10 times easier. There are plenty of websites which gives us valuable information for our knowledge and study, and with the proper guidance we can easily chanalise them. Learning has no age and if we have the will to learn and adapt new skills, then i don’t think so anyone can stop us from achieving our goal.

3.  They don’t have a proper strategy:- Whenever you are planning to write a book make sure to plan the entire roadmap before creating the content. You must have a proper strategy and planning. Everything including the outline,research,keywords everything should be well organised. This process will make your writing journey very easy and convenient.

4.The expectations are not clear or practical:- Keeping a right expectation in mind is very important. Don’t expect to write a 500 pages book if you haven’t written a single blog post in your life. I won’t say it’s wrong but it’s clearly unrealistic. You should start writing with less number of pages and in that way you can easily complete your book within your target time. Your book should be short enough for everyone to complete and long enough so that you can add as much value as you can.

5. They don’t start:- This is again a huge drawback. People tend to procrastinate and self-doubt a lot. They never start the moment they are thinking about writing a book. They always delay things by saying i’ll start tomorrow or they think it’s not my cup of tea to become an author but honestly if you don’t start you won’t able to measure your capabilities and yes, tomorrow never comes. So you must start, the moment you are thinking, prepare a strategy and must keep a deadline so that you can complete within the fixed time.








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