5 Reasons You Should Hire Freshers

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Since the time I have been helping organizations build their team, I get asked a few questions a lot. In the following series, I am going to answer them all for you. One of the questions is “Should we hire freshers?” Well, Yes. Definitely.  In this article, I am going to give you 5 reasons, why you should hire freshers.

1. They are inexpensive

I mean come-on, we all know it. Fresh graduates are much more pocket-friendly as compared to their experienced counterparts. And remember – every penny you save is equal to every penny you make.

2. Freshers are like blank canvas

Remember your first job? Remember the ethics over there? Aren’t you living them till now? Freshers are like a blank canvas and you can turn them into beautiful paintings with proper guidance and mentoring. Unlike someone who is used to the work culter of another organization, you can mold a fresher as per your organizational culture with ease.

3. They are quick learners

According to a study our learning abilities decrease as we age. Remember how easy it was to learn a new language when you were a kid as compared to now? Freshers are young adults and hence can learn things quickly than people in their middle age.

4. They are creative

As with the learning abilities, our abilities to imagine things goes down with age and so is creativity. Have you ever seen a kid painted a blue moon? You know what I am talking about. Right?

5. They are hungry

Now this is one of the most important part. As an employer or hiring manager, you want to have people who are hungry. You want to have people who wants to achieve something, people who can just go to any heights to make sure that they are getting the recognition they need. Add that to the wonderful mentorship that you provide, and the productivity quotient of your organization can boost like anything.

Here is my question for you. Have you ever hired a fresher? If yes, type the reason in the comments below.

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