Don’t you dare to write a book

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Anytime a person has an amusing story or an interesting experience it seems like writing a book about it is the next logical step. Sometimes it’s even less than that. I’ve talked to people that want to write a book, not because they have something they feel could best be presented in book form, but because they just want to have a collection of pages on their shelf with their name on the binding. I believe that, for some reason, the idea of writing a book is viewed differently than other forms of art and entertainment. Writing a book is a daunting and intimidating idea. People who have written workbooks, manuals, blogs, and website copy are claiming they can’t write a book. Yes, you can. You should approach writing a book like any other major project. But you should not start writing a book if you have wrong reasons behind it. Trust me when I say this, if you have any wrong reasons to write a book, don’t you dare to start writing a book. In this article I’m going to share few reasons which I think you should avoid if you think of writing a book.

If you desire to write a book because you want to have a bestseller and make a bundle of money, my advice is to play the lottery; it will take much less time and your odds will be about the same, if not better, and I can guarantee that the work involved will be much less. The publishing business makes little sense and it’s changing faster than ever before; the ‘gold rush’ of the self-published eBook is long past. Some of us get labeled “nerds” early in life, and our defense is often to talk in long sentences using big words in order to look down our noses at the dummies who don’t understand us. I have to admit to using the word “exceedingly” in many conversations at the age of seven. Stuff doesn’t make you popular in 2nd grade and it sure doesn’t get you readers when you’re an adult. Readers don’t care how smart you are. They care about compelling characters and a good story. Some other bad reasons could be, you want to be heard or you want to be famous to make a name for yourself. Now the question is why are these bad reasons. That’s because sometimes nobody will listen and when you’re just getting started, you won’t have made a name for yourself. Obviously, you will have the liberty to say big words but trust me there are lots of people out there to throw big words. People will eventually forget you. As I’ve already mentioned before writing is not an easy task at all and also being famous in this field takes a lot of effort and time, and if you think you will reach that level within a short period of time, so my friend let me tell you it’s not possible. You have to invest a lot of time, effort and patience to reach that level. Of course you can achieve that but you need to have consistency and patience with right determination. If you start writing your first book with these thoughts in mind, you won’t be able to fulfill any of these and at last you will mess up all.

I’m telling you that if your reason for writing a book is one of these reasons, you need to stop and really examine what it is you are trying to get, and then re-evaluate what your actual goal is. Because here’s the thing about books: most people don’t want to write a book. They want what they think writing a book will get them. So be clear with yourself about what you want, because a book can get you a lot of great things. If you want to get positive results for yourself and your business, you should seriously consider publishing a book.

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