How To Boost Personal Productivity Quotient Using The RHHHK Methodology

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I am a die hard fan of Sylvester Stallone and his Rocky series. Rocky is a series of movies which go beyond boxing. The series imparts a lot of life lessons. With no wavering, I can state that “Eye of the tiger” is a standout amongst the most motivational melody that I have ever heard.

There is a popular dialogue in Rocky Balboa (2006) – its sixth installment:

“It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

– Sounds motivating?

– Yes.

– Should we utilize it, all things considered?

– Yes.

– Can it be relevant in all genuine circumstances?

– No.

Envision this situation. You are strolling down a forlorn street. All of a sudden you are ceased by some miscreant, with a blade in his grasp. You have no escape route. Now tell me. While holding your ground would you allow him to take a stab at you? Or would you protect yourself and fight for your life? I trust the majority of us will pick the last one.

All things considered, the vast majority of the fights we battle are in street format. There is no arbitrator, no ring, no points, only a bloody knockout. In actuality, we regularly experience such miscreants in different formats. At some point, they come as a monetary emergency, at some point, they come as professional instability and at some point, they come as disturbed work-life balance. They come in various shape and sizes and we often allow them to stab us in light of our obliviousness. I have seen individuals going riches to rags. I have seen people going from star performers to jobless individuals. I have seen joyfully hitched couples getting separated.

– Could they have been able to dodge these offensive circumstances?

– Could they have been able to live a life they deserve?

The answer is “YES… In the event that they would have made a fundamental move on those rapscallions.”

Give me a chance to walk you through another circumstance. Let us assume you are a dedicated employee and a cherishing spouse. You put every one of your endeavors to meet your due dates, in the meantime, you likewise give your best to keep your significant other glad. However, neither your manager nor your better half is fulfilled. You work extend periods of time to meet your due dates. Your better half supposes you give more significance to work and begins grumbling. You attempt to persuade her, yet futile. Following day, you take this worry to the office, and couldn’t focus on work as much as you could have done. Slowly, it begins wrecking your picture in both office and home alike.

In such a situation, what would you do? Would you simply continue propelling yourself and endeavor to meet the desires of your manager and your spouse? Or on the other hand, would you want to take appropriate actions to keep up a work-life balance, with the goal that you can set up yourself as a commendable employee and a loving spouse? I always opt for the latter.

To deal with such circumstances, I have built up a strategy which I call “The RHHHK Methodology” (and I articulate it as R Triple H K). It has 5 rules focused to deal with such circumstances:

  • Raise your guards and try to diffuse
  • Hit first
  • Hit fast
  • Hit hard
  • KO

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