How to handle criticism

By July 9, 2021 No Comments

When I had started making videos, online courses, even helping people how to start a side hustle, there were people who were not very happy with what I was doing. And I was so frustrated that at one time, I had stopped doing everything and joined a 9-5 job(although I was doing good in those things financially). Then I met this man called Pravin Wadalkar. He was my boss at that time. But more than a boss, he turned out to be a good friend and a great mentor. When he got to know about all these things, he asked me one question – “People who are commenting on your work, how many of them have actually done it themselves?” And that question changed my life. I left the job and resumed my journey and now I can say I’m doing something that I love and during the process, I’m able to add value to people’s life.

Now I would like to ask the same question to you.

People, who say “your book sucks” or “anyone can publish a book like this”, how many books they have published so far?

Being said that, I’m not asking you to ignore all the negative reviews. Most of them you can take as feedback and work on them to improve your skillset. But if someone is just being a jerk, you know how to shut them down.

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