Importance of creating value

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Creating value means creating a culture of high performance. This includes opening up communication and feedback, allowing greater room for creativity and reinvesting in technology. Value creation is the starting point for all businesses or any start-up, successful or not, it’s a fundamental concept to understand. Value creation is an essential base to support a profitable and lasting business and any start-up. Without it, your customer retention and your bottom line will be threatened.Despite the importance of value creation, many hyper-growth and scaling companies still tend to overlook the importance of value creation. Instead, they prioritize rapid acquisition to meet sales targets and maintain growth velocity. This is a short-term mentality and it fails to recognize the importance of quality sales and customer loyalty.

Let us now see importance of a book value, there are a number of factors which make books valuable. It’s important to remember that ‘old’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘rare’. Sometimes books have value because of their design. Book cover, original illustrations, and illuminations, for example, done by artists or famous designers. Then it’s all in the name. Whether it’s valuable or not depends on the quality and rarity of these features. An author’s first book, the first edition of a famous novel, the first mention of a beloved character and other firsts in literature all make for more valuable books. First editions especially are often the most interesting for collectors. Books are graded on their condition and, like with most things, the better the condition, the higher the potential value. There are a surprising number of signature, inscription, and dedication types that can affect the value to a book, but a good rule of thumb is that any genuine signature from the author/illustrator/editor will add value. The longer the inscription, the better. Not only does this mean that the author spent more time with the book writing a long dedication, but this also adds to the authenticity as a lengthy dedication is harder to falsify than a simple signature. Lastly, the number of copies of a book also affects the value, but not as much as you might think. Older books are often rarer as they have survived the test of time, however this is not always the case. Books printed in the 19th century are quite abundant for example. Also, just because a certain edition of a book is rare, doesn’t mean it’s valuable if nobody wants to buy it, therefore often only rare, sought-after books become valuable.

Value creation cannot happen without an understanding of the potential customer. You need to understand as much about your customer and their industry as possible before you ever reach out to them. Value creation strategies, consultative selling methods are about building trust with your leads. Maintaining customer relationship is very important. Build trust with your leads and prove your worth.


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