Leadership is not your cup of tea

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Do you still give these excuses? 

  • I can’t do something because I’m not competent enough. 
  • The other person knows about it better than me. Let him/her handle this. 
  • Or maybe I have not done something like this before. I can’t do it now. 

If you answered yes to any of these, then my friend, leadership is not your cup of tea. 


Let me share a real incident with you. There was a guy in my team. Very talented. Great skills. But very underrated. Let’s call him Mr. X. I was trying to promote him. One day I called him and asked him to present his work to the board member. It was launch of a new product that was designed by him. It was an opportunity that could have opened many doors for him. But the reply I got from him was shocking. He said “How can I do it? I am just a designer. I have never presented anything before. Please ask someone else to do it”. Before I could explain him, someone else, who was a junior to Mr. X stood up and said ” It sounds interesting to present it in front of the board members. Even I haven’t done any such presentations so far, I would like to try”. On the day of meeting, this guy did a few goof ups, but managed to present it. Within a few months, he got promoted as the TL, and Mr. X is reporting to him now. 


Opportunities often disguise themselves when they knock your door. You have to be alert. Did you know how to speak when you were born? Of course no. You learned it. You learn something or other with every passing day of your life. Maybe knowingly or unknowingly. Learning is a continuos process which start from your birth and ends when you die. If you are afraid of learning, then I’m sorry my friend, no one on this planet can help you achieve anything in your life. 


If you are challenged to something that you have never done before, rather than saying no, start learning. Give your heart and soul to it. It’s perfect to be imperfect. No one is perfect. No one is the best. 


And when it comes to leadership, courage is an important factor. Courage to do things, courage to be vulnerable, courage to accept negative feedback. Be courageous my friend. Never refuse to do things just because you have not done it before or someone is better than you at this. Just get up and do it. 

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