No, You are not the best. You can never be, and you shouldn’t even try

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Do you think you are the best? At least at one thing that you do? Wake up my friend. Stop lying to yourself. Sure you must be good at a lot of things, but not the best with any of them.


Do you think you are the best student in your class? Just because you are a class topper? Or do you think you are the best manager in your office? Just because your team contributes the most to the company’s revenue? They don’t make you the best!


Think about that classmate of yours who is not as good as you in studies, but is better than you in some particular sports. Think about that other manager of your organization whose team contributes less than what your team does to the bottom line of your organization, but has the least attrition rate. Do you still think you are the best?


Now you might be thinking that it is not a fair comparison. I am comparing apples with oranges. Let us compare apple to apple. Let’s assume you are the topper of your college or maybe the university. But can you say confidently that no one on this planet has secured better marks than you ever in any of the subjects? One more example… let us assume that your team is the most productive team in your organization. Do you think that qualifies you to be called as the best leader on earth? Think again.


No, You are not the best. You can never be, and you shouldn’t even try.


Whatever you do, alwayz remember that there will alwayz be thousands of people who are better than you. At the same time, you yourself are better than thousands of people and you alwayz be. Stop trying to be the best. You just need to be effective.


Now when I say you don’t need to be the best at anything, I am not telling you to improve your skill sets. Every morning you wake up, you should be a better version of yourself. That should be your life goal. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Compare what you are today with what you were yesterday. If you can see the graph going up with every passing day, then my friend, you are doing a good job.


Are you a better version of yourself today? Let me know in the comment section.

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