People say 7249 is expensive for a 5 day workshop

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If you are thinking of writing your own book then let me tell you that I truly appreciate that. It’s a great mindset as writing and publishing a book has many benefits. Writing a book will be a great experience for you in your emotional and personal level. You can bring out your thoughts and creativeness in front of people. You can share your story or learnings with people around the world. You will find another reason, another goal beyond work and daily obligations and responsibilities. And yes, when you publish it, your book will be a passive source of income also.

Do you want to learn how to write a book and sell it on Amazon?

I have started an unique workshop named 5 Day Author Challenge, where i have poured all my experience to help people publish their book in just 5 days. During these 5 days, I’m going to share a step-by-step process that you can use to publish your book by the end of this workshop. You can take up this challenge if your are a stay at home mom, a young entrepreneur, or a professional looking to expand your resume and income stream at the same time,take this challenge and shine on.

For joining this workshop you need to invest INR 7249. Most of the people say it’s too expensive for a 5 day workshop. It’s absolutely not their to think like that way, because they have no idea what this amount of investment can bring a drastic change in their life. I’m going discuss about it.

The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is that whether they can trust or not. You don’t need to trust me blindly. Read through the reviews  and then decide whether you can trust or not. If that is not enough, a simple google search of my name will give you all the information about me on the 1st page itself.

The second thing that comes to everybody’s mind is that, the workshop is expensive and if by chance they invest 7249 whether it will be worth it or not. Let’s do a reverse calculation. You will be listing your book to Amazon for at INR 220 or USD 2.99. Amazon will give you 70% royalty so the number becomes Rs. 154. You will be able to sell at least 50 copies in the first month, so the total revenue you will generate IN THE FIRST MONTH ITSELF would be INR 7700 or USD 104. Forget the revenue you’ll generate from the second month onwards and the tons of bonuses and free gifts you will be getting in this workshop. So, by enrolling for this challenge you are getting a lifetime membership of this amazing family which we call the 5DAC Family.

The third thing that comes to everybody’s mind is that what if you this challenge didn’t work for you and is there any refund system. Yes, when you make the purchase you are covered by a lifetime refund policy. But you would only get a refund if you try everything and the system doesn’t work for you.

More than your money the most important thing for me is COMMITMENT. If you are willing to do this investment, please ensure me with your commitment so that we can work hard together to make your dream come true.


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