Practice doesn’t make you perfect. It becomes a habit. So practice the right things.

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One of the hardest things to do in life is to do the right thing. What you think is the right thing. Not what you friends, family, teachers, boss and society thinks is the right thing. What is the right thing? That’s up to you to decide. Often you have a little voice in your head that tells what the right thing is. Or a gut feeling. There are a lot of people who practices various things but they fail to achieve anything, that is because they do not do the right thing. Finding out what is right for you is very important.

A question arises in our mind is that why is it important to do the right thing, I’ll share with you few solid reasons which will help you to understand this. You tend to get what you give. By doing the right thing you tend to get the same things back. Give value to people, help them and they will often want to help you and give you value in some form. Not everyone will do it but many will. Not always right away but somewhere down the line. Things tend to even out. Do the right thing, put in the extra effort and you tend to get good stuff back. Don’t do it and you tend to get less good stuff back from the world. Even when you are putting your hard work and effort on something, do it on the right thing. Invest your effort on something from which will get back something positive. You must raise your self-esteem. This is a really important. When you don’t do the right thing you are not only sending out signals out into your world. You are also sending signals to yourself. When you don’t do the right thing you don’t feel good about yourself. You may experience emptiness or get stuck in negative thought loops. Its like you are letting yourself down. You are telling yourself that you cant handle doing the right thing. To not do the right thing is a bit like punching yourself in the stomach. Lastly i would say that you must avoid self-sabotage. A powerful side effect of not doing the right thing is that you give yourself a lack of deservedness. This can really screw up you and your success. By doing the right thing your can raise your self-esteem and feel like a person who deserves his/her success.

Another thing that comes in our mind is that how to do the right thing. Whenever you feel unsure about doing the right thing remind yourself of the solid and powerful reasons above (or any other that you can come up with). They might give you that extra push of motivation you need to spring into action. You must go for improvement. Not perfection but I’m not saying you will do the right thing all the time. I certainly don’t. But I’m saying that we can strive for gradual improvement. My point is just to not get stuck in thinking about perfection or being some kind of saint. This can paralyze you from taking any action at all. Or leave you with negative feelings. The more you think about these things, the more often you tend to come up with reasons to not do it. Learning and skill development is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We master concepts and approach challenges in unique ways. Don’t get me wrong, practice is absolutely necessary to learn a new skill. But, how much you practice does not matter as much as the way you practice. When you’re learning how to run your business, don’t waste time forcing the methods from different sources onto yourself as gospel. Learn what you can and, when it doesn’t work for you, move on.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this blog by saying that if you need to improve, then you need to practice. But, be smart about it, and know how you learn and practice in a way that makes sense for you. And, keep your improvement in perspective.

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