Stealing vs Getting Inspired

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There’s a fine line when it comes to the difference between Getting inspired and Stealing. Stealing here means Copying . Let’s be honest, we all have to learn from somewhere. And as we learn, we naturally copy our teachers. That’s just how it works. From the day we’re born, we are copying our parents and learning.

Copying is good. But there does come a point where copying becomes not OK anymore. That’s where people get stuck. When we grow up we can’t copy exactly anymore. Copying is fine when we are learning something, but if you only learn from one person, or one source and you don’t expand or gather information about it, you will end up doing nothing but stealing  and you’ll also be unoriginal. We are always, even in our subconscious mind being inspired by or copying bits of other people’s work. We naturally have ideas in your mind that have been shaped and molded by the other people you’re following and watching. That’s absolutely ok. But the danger thing is that when one person is trying to replicate the exact style of work and then call it their own. That’s when it is called Stealing. If you follow the copy to learn method that’s alright but i would suggest don’t share it. Learn it and keep it within yourself.

Let us see what do we mean about getting inspired. Inspiration can come different things. It can come from an object or a piece of writing. Talking about creating content by getting inspired, we mean to learn and research from different sources from which we are inspired and just take writing hints from there. After gathering all the information and hints we can easily creating our own content. Reading thoroughly and deeply helps us a lot.

While reading a content when we come across new words, we can search synonyms of them which can be useful for our own content. Sometimes our brain gets stuck and we cannot move forward, the cure for not being able to write is more writing. We should leave whatever we are writing and try to take up new writing challenges. In this way we won’t get stuck and bored.

Therefore it all just boils down to this,copying isn’t inherently BAD. It’s an important part of creativity. But i will suggest copy to learn but don’t share. If you really want to make your own place with your originality and identity then get inspiration and adapt skills into yourself. Do research as much as can, gain your knowledge from sources and then start creating your content.


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