The secret behind non-productivity

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In a world where productivity is the key to success, we are surrounded with a lot of myths regarding non-productivity. Most of these myths blame factors like distraction, improper goal setting, physical and mental health, and even things like poor managerial skills as the core reason of being non-productive. But these excuses are far from the truth. The primary reason behind why people are not productive is – “They are apprehensive”.

When they are given a task, or they begin an undertaking that extends somewhat outside their customary range of familiarity, they end up striving relentlessly not to take a shot at it, since they aren’t sure about their abilities to execute. Instead they pick less demanding assignments that furnish them with a quick feeling of achievement.

Eventually, they go through throughout the day chipping away at the easily overlooked details on their daily agenda, to make sure they can verify them and feel productive. As a consequence, they end up evading that one undertaking that will really help them achieve their goal. The troublesome assignments that make you feel awkward are the ones that drive you to develop your capabilities and hit the bulls eye.

On the off chance that you glance around at any working environment, the reason behind why individuals keep away from specific undertakings doesn’t have anything to do with the culture  or espresso. It comes down to the way that they don’t have a clue how to do what is being asked of them, and as opposed to taking a leap of faith, they evade everything together.

The genuine reason people are unproductive is they would prefer not to fail. They don’t care whether they are going to win or not, they just don’t want to lose.

Now since you know what is the real reason behind being non-productive, how are you going to deal with it? Comment below.

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