The Secret Of Convincing Others And Get Things Done – The Ultimate Leadership Hack Using THE RHHHK Methodology

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What is a secret?

The dictionary says, it is something not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. However, the truth is far from it.

In Fact a secret is something that is never secret.

To frame it in a different way, secret is a word that can be added to phrases or stories or incidents to make it viral.

You must have experienced this. You went to someone and tell him/her something and instructed him/her not to tell this to anyone, and after a few days someone else came to you and told you the same “secret” and instructed you not to tell this to anyone since it is a secret. If you haven’t experienced it yet, or can not recall at this moment, I would suggest you to try it with 10 different people. Try it, its fun. Just make sure that you don’t share a secret.

Now lets dig deeper into it. You share your secrets only with the people you trust. Most of them will respect your secret, but will share it with people who they trust and nowhere connected with you or the secret.

However, there will be few who respect your secret, but still they will share it with a lot of people and warn them not to reveal it since it is a secret.

Lets understand what goes behind the screen. When you share your secret with someone, you make them feel special… you make them feel privileged. You make them feel that they have something that nobody does. And we have been taught from childhood that sharing is caring. And hence they share the precious information they have with their loved ones.

Another aspect of the secrets

There is one more side to it. We all love suspense movies. You love murder mysteries. You love roller-coasters. What is the reason behind it? The reason is “secret”.  When you go through a murder mystery, it makes you curious. The roller coaster, it makes you thrilled. This curiosity keeps you hooked. This thrill keeps you clinged.

How can you use these secrets in your daily life?

There are two ways of getting things done by someone. First, the hunter approach. You threaten someone to do something. If he/she fails to do it, there will be punishment. This approach may work initially, but in the long run, you develop rebels. The second approach is my approach. My secret approach.

Before diving into it, let me show you what I have achieved using this approach:

  • Increased CTR by 75% for Admagnet.
  • Increased client acquisition by 300% for TradesmartOnline.
  • Launched India’s first cloud-based trading application based on PWA for TradesmartOnline.
  • Provided absolute 0 attrition in the Tech Team of TradesmartOnline in the very first year.
  • Cleared 6 month’s backlog of an organization (can’t reveal the name due to NDA) in just 36 hours.

My Secret Approach

If you have noticed it closely, it is all about psychology. When you share something with someone and say that it is a secret, you make them feel special. On the other hand the roller coaster makes you feel curious about what is coming next. These same emotions you can develop in the person from whom you want to get things done.

Your first step should be to make the other person feel special. However, please make sure that you don’t fake. Plastic emotions are as toxic as mercury. You have to be genuine. You need to identify what makes them special. What are their inner qualities. Once you know what are their unique qualities, you need to appreciate them and make them feel special. This will trigger them to do things that you desire. However, life gets boring with mundane work. To achieve your goal, you need to keep them on their toes. You need to keep them excited. You need to keep them curious. You need to challenge their limits. You need to give them something new regularly.

What to do after achieving the goal?

You don’t want to kill the hen who lays golden eggs. You need to feed them. You need to nourish them.

How The RHHHK Methodology Can Help?

Though my secret approach seems easy at first glance, it can backfire if you do it wrong. Remember, you are playing with human psychology here. To do it right, you need to follow a set of processes that are explained in the RHHHK methodology. It has 5 action points than can help you throughout this journey. They are:

  1. Raise your guards and try to diffuse
  2. Hit first
  3. Hit fast
  4. Hit hard
  5. Knock Out

You can register for a free live session on “The secret to getting things done using RHHHK” if you want to learn it in detail.

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