What’s in the name?

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Choosing a great name  whether it’s for your baby or your business is no easy feat, but it sure is important. A brand name is how a company introduces itself, the very first impression. Your name is with you through every step of your business journey. This means coming up with the right name is probably the single most important branding concern for a business. Your name should reinforce the key elements of your business and reflect the foundational tone you’d like to establish with your customers. Once a name is out in the world, the meaning of the word itself and the connotations attached to it will evolve based on how people experience the brand. The way you choose to express the visual identity, the brand story and the way you marketing affects how people engage with it. A brilliant name is the basic core differentiator of your brand. And with 300,000 brand names being registered every year, it’s imperative that your business name makes you the talk of the town, or at least enagaes someone beyond you, your mum and your massage therapist.

The name should be thought-provoking i.e. Your name should set the tone for your business, think about your brand positioning – will it be disruptive, intellectual, or timid? The company name should be culturally on cue and appropriate for your values and positioning. . Successful names have the sticky-factor enabling people to quickly bring your brand to mind when talking with friends. Names that are straight forward but also create curiosity encourages your customer to seek out further information. Great names are often short and sweet. Studies have shown that brevity lends itself to memorability. When you are brainstorming your business name, think outside the box – customers appreciate brave, risk-taking brands that forfeit the safe option to stand out from the competition. Potential customers need to be able to find you easily in a quick Google search. Not everyone is a master in spelling, so choosing a difficult name is not a smart idea. Don’t pick a name that is long-winded or confusing. Names should be fun to say, people should like to pronounce it like Google, Oreo, Yahoo. Invented or abstract names come with no preconceived ideas and it doesn’t create a great impact on people it rather creates a huge blank. Research shows that words hold acoustic representations of their meaning by making our mouths feel a particular way. Therefore how does the name sounds is a great thing to consider. Last is of course I have to include the aesthetics!  The letters that comprise your brand name must look distinctive.When thinking about the name in the context of a logo, it’s important that you marry the appropriate looking letters with your brand image and positioning.

A major fine name sets your heart and brand racing. Your brand name sticks to you like glue and will last longer than almost any other investment you make in your business, so choose wisely without any pressure.

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