Why do you want to write?

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We all have our reasons for writing, but a surprisingly large number of us have probably never articulated them to ourselves. Being a writer is different. We may have always felt an affinity for words and reading, but a fair number of us sort of stumbled into writing as an occupation. You certainly don’t have to know why you write, but knowing why you want to do this can make it easier to find work, to choose a specialty for your work, to find inspiration. Today I’m going to share few great reasons to write.

Enjoyment. This is obvious. Some people write simply because they enjoy it. They like putting words on paper, creating stories, or informing people. Enjoyment can keep you motivated even if your writing doesn’t generate an income.

To influence people or change the world. Many writers hope to change government policies, raise awareness about issues, or to influence people to consider their point of view on a subject. The ability to change people’s minds about issues and to bring lesser-known issues to people’s attention is a powerful motivator.

Because you love a topic. If you have a passion for a certain topic, writing about it can be a great way to pursue and share that passion. Writing gives you a chance to learn about the topic, to interview people who are experts, and to bring awareness to the topic you love.

To heal. Some people write to heal themselves or others. Maybe you’re dealing with grief and you want to sort out your own feelings or help others to deal with their own. Perhaps you want to bring hope to people with chronic illnesses or conditions, or you have an inspirational story to share that will help others heal their hurts and illnesses.

Legacy. Many writers want to create something that will live on after they are dead. Very few things are as enduring as a book on a shelf or a scrapbook full of magazine articles.

You’re good at it. Many people do things that they are good at, even if they don’t love it. Writing is a skill and if you’re competent there’s nothing wrong with monetizing that skill, even if it’s not your passion.

To use your creativity. It’s fun to sit at the blank screen or page and fill it. When the day is through, you’ve gotten the satisfaction of having made something. You’ve created something from nothing. You’ve used your creativity to fill that page.

Recognition and respect. Being a writer conveys a certain amount of respect, particularly if you’re published. Having a publisher agree to put out your book is a form of validation and forevermore you can tell people that you are a published author.

To boost your visibility/credibility in your chosen field. Publishing boosts your visibility and credibility in your field. This applies to almost every field. Writing about your field in magazines, books, and on the web makes you an expert.

It can lead to interesting opportunities. Writers, more than any other occupation I know, have some of the most interesting opportunities drop into their laps. For example, Travel writers get asked to visit new and exciting destinations. Technical writers are sometimes asked to play un-released games or test software. Reviewers get great books to read. Writers who are experts in their field get asked to appear at conferences and conventions and maybe give a speech. Isn’t this amazing?

To educate. Many writers hope to educate others. Non-fiction is a great way to teach others how to do things, but fiction can also teach, albeit in a more subtle way.

Therefore according to me these are some of the reasons to write and publish your own book. But of course there are plenty of other reasons for writing. Talking about reasons, there good reasons and as well as bad ones. So, you should think properly before you get into writing. According to me your prime reason for writing should be spreading your learnings and knowledge. Remember one thing, knowledge grows more when we share it. We should write because we see things in a way many others don’t, and we know would benefit them.


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